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Search Engine Optimization and Social Media Marketing for a Powerful Web Presence!

Why Your Web Site Needs SEO and SMM

When it comes to your web site, do you ever wonder...

  • How do I increase traffic to my web site?
  • How can I target my online market more effectively?
  • How can I gain visibility in the top search engines?

If you have and are like most web site owners, the information below should be of interest to you.


Search Engine Optimization Explained

Search Engine Optimization, (SEO) has been practiced actively since the early 2000s, when the business community learned that the search engines were responding to "meta-tags"; the code in all web pages used to tell search engines what the page was about, and they were also paying attention to the words used in the content of web pages; "keywords". Over time SEO professionals refined their craft and the search engines fine tuned their rules and the way they collected web site information and ranked web sites. And today, the top search engines do a fantastic job of helping us find what we are looking for online. Millions of searchers perform millions of searches every hour and SEO, the craft of adjusting web sites so they are most likely to be found for certain search phrases has become very important to the business community.


Social Media Marketing Explained

Social Media Marketing developed as a result of the emergence of social media web sites such as MySpace and Facebook, and blogs which gave users the ability to interact online and the freedom to express their opinions and discuss anything they wished to post and share. This led the search engines to pay more attention to social media and blogging because it not only represented the very current opinions of the public and business, social media also contained news and information that the public was obviously interested in as evidence in the rapid growth of social media and blogging. The marketing industry, quickly saw the value in social media and "social media marketing" was born.


BoomClient Search Engine Optimization and Social Media Marketing Services

As we have stated, No SEO company, not even us, can guarantee to make your site appear in the number one spot in Google. There are simply too many variables and the activity of those competing for that position make dominating the 1st position in any search engine impossible. But being among the top three or top five positions is very attainable with proper and effective SEO/SMM strategy. Our commitment to each of our clients is simply this: "we guarantee to increase the traffic to and visibility of your web site within the top three Search Engines: Google, Bing and Yahoo." And we are very proud that every one of our Intensive SEO Clients have made it to the first page of Google, (with their respective key phrases). and many of our client's are ranked among top five in Google for their most used key phrases.


Search Engine Optimization & Social Media Marketing Services That Boost Business!

By applying years of search engine optimization experience, more than 10 years, Our vast knowledge about SEO and SMM has and continues to produced verifiable results for our clients. We can indeed help your company's web site ranking high and create more new business for your company. And we can prove it! Our tested and refined strategies will not only improve the rankings and activity of from your web site, they also serve strengthen your web site with the fundamentals of SEO which will assure that your web site will consistently rank among high among your competitors!


What You Should Know About Search Engine Optimization Services

There is no single magic bullet when it comes to search engine optimization and search engine marketing. There are however many adjustments that can be made, rules that must be followed and experience that guides our every action. We offer a very customized approach to all of our intensive SEO and SMM clients, strategies that are unique and tailored to the needs of their web site and goals.

Our Search Engine Optimization and Social Media Marketing are integrated and consist of hundreds of different techniques and adjustments that when combined with our analytics and experience allow us to achieve your short and long term marketing objectives. Whether it is organic strategies or social media marketing strategies, we offer a fully customizable approach to search engine optimization and social media marketing that is unique to each client, and that is designed with one goal in mind; to help you beat your competition to the top, and keep you there.


Intensive Search Engine Optimization vs. Basic Search Engine Optimization

Basic Search Engine Optimization:

In order for us to sleep at night, we believe it is only right to perform basic SEO for all of our clients. What's the point of building a web site that will not compete or be found? Basic SEO is just something we feel is the right thing to do and it is part of the development of every web site we build. If you choose BoomClient to design and develop your new web site or rebuild your current web site, we will research and identify your top key phrases, we will use them to optimization the meta-tags of every page of your web site and we will use them strategically, (our special way) to clearly communicate what each of your pages are about to the search engines.

Intensive Search Engine Optimization:

For our intensive SEO customers, we offer considerably more immediate and ongoing daily and monthly attention. We devote hours of intensive search engine optimization techniques for our monthly search engine optimization client's web sites. Each site becomes our own as we perform a myriad of both small and significant adjustments and closely monitor the results these changes cause. We build credibility for their sites all over the Internet through social media, with articles and blog posts, and a host of other tasks that when performed properly, translate to very strong rankings, dramatic increases in visitor activity, and more business! Learn More about our Intensive Search Engine Optimization Services


Who Will Perform My Search Engine Optimization?

When you become an Intensive SEO client, you will work directly with a "Dedicated Search Engine Optimization Specialist", based in Jacksonville. Our experienced SEO consultants each have either certifications from search engine academies or a proven history of success within the SEO industry, and collaborate with each other daily on the latest industry trends and changes that affect our efforts. In order to provide the this level of service, you and your SEO consultant will review progress, address concerns, and they will even teach you SEO and Social media techniques that allow you or your staff to participate in achieving your goals even faster. We're very serious about our effectiveness, your success and our reputation.


Search Engine Optimization and Social Media Marketing Results

Within a few weeks most of our client's web sites realize a significant increase in visibility and rankings within each of the major search engines, and also a significant increase in your visitor traffic. Search engines will pick up the changes and additions we are making at different rates. As a result rankings will increase at different rates depending on the respective search engine. But generally, the initial climb will be the most significant improvement we make and it will take place over the first 30 to 60 days. However you will have competitors who fiercely compete for top rankings with certain key phrase. It will take a little longer to beat them, but we always do over the long run. Over the time we are optimizing your site and building your Internet presence through social media marketing, your dedicated Search Engine Optimization Specialists will perform a variety of techniques that will increase your web site's visibility and traffic more and more each month. And the more your web site is optimized, and integrated with social media, and the more we improve your over all presence on the Internet, the more you will anchor your web site in the top positions of Google, Bing and Yahoo.


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